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Phosphosiderite Pendant
Phosphosiderite Pendant

Main esoteric and healing properties of the Phosphosiderite.

The phosphosiderite is a fascinating gemstone because it is made of a combination of iron and phosphorus. The stone looks similar to Sugilite. The name "phosphosiderite" has been derived from its base elements phosphorus and iron. Iron word however, is taken from the Greek language, which is "Sideros" therefore, the formation of "phosphorus siderite". Phosphosiderite addition, the stone is also popularly known as "Piedrea Vogue", which means rock pink or "The Rock Voca" meaning pink rock in many countries.
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Color variations

This gemstone is widely available in light purple orchids as color. Yellow stripes are usually evident in this stone. The vein as streaks in the stone known as cacoxenite. Other shades of stone are rare and precious are red-pink, yellow-brown, moss green, deeper shades of purple and the most amazing is colorless phosphosiderite. The stone has a vitreous luster natural resin or crystals gives small amount of gloss.


Phosphosiderite is a rare gem and is found mostly in Argentina and Chile. In addition to these countries, gemstones reddish brown, usually found associated with barbosalite jet black color. These types of colored stones found in South Dakota, USA, Bull Moose mine and Custer County. Phosphosiderite which is available in shades of purple is mainly linked to botryoidal bluish purple, dark violet tinsleyite Rockbridgeite botryoidal or large.
The stones found in botryoidal form cabochons are fit for phosphosiderite. Geologically stone is supposed to be a consequence of the variation triphyilte mineral found in granite pegmatite multiple. Phosphosiderite research suggests that it could also be the result of abstract components are present in the soil.


This stone is ideal for making jewelry. It weighs about 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. Although it is perfect for jewelry making, which has to be treated with wax and polish with some other materials to provide better stability and brightness. The stone is about 2 / m prism and its translucency is mostly transparent. Some stones may have diafanidad phosphosiderite opaque. We aimed in large amounts of rock mass and attenuated for commercial use.


Although phosphosiderite metaphysical properties are less well known is believed that the stone crystals possess certain healing properties. The purple tones are supposed to help reduce anger. It also helps to calm the temper of an elderly person and produces a sense of comfort and tranquility. Some suggest phosphosiderite has spiritual properties. It is believed to help heal the problems associated with the third eye chakra (energy stored between our eyebrows that link to spirituality). The third eye chakra is supposed to be associated with knowledge and perception.
So phosphosiderite is a rare and beautiful gemstone and apart from the beauty of the stone also has interesting properties.

Revitalizing the brain and motor functions of the body. Placed in vehicles, protects them from accidents. Increases mental power and develop intellectual abilities.

Note. - These texts are consolidated and summarized from many that I've found over the years.

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